I Now Keep Environment Clean

Just like many other households in Girinyan community in Kogi State, Mrs. Grace Samuel, a client of LAPO Microfinance Bank, lacked basic health information and was therefore vulnerable to avoidable diseases. She was ignorant about the nature, spread and control of HIV/AIDS, malaria, typhoid and other tropical diseases.

Today, the social and health status of her family has taken a positive turn due to constant exposure to the health and gender empowerment programmes of LAPO NGO. She has started applying knowledge gained from these workshops by maintaining and cleaning her home and environment, ensuring proper refuse disposal and providing nutritious diets for her family.

LAPO Has Improved My Health And Social Condition - Ijeoma Anyadegwu

Mrs. Ijeoma Anyadegwu is among the teeming clients of LAPO Microfinance Bank who also participate actively in the health and social training programmes delivered by LAPO NGO across Nigeria.

As a child, Mrs. Anyadegwu was denied access to university education, skills and other life transforming opportunities as well as affected by socio-cultural problems such as wife battery, exclusion from decision making and low self-esteem. She believes poverty goes beyond lack of funds to include poor health, low self-esteem, denial of rights, opportunities curtailed and voices silenced and therefore took advantage of the social and health empowerment programmes provided LAPO microfinance clients by the NGO to improve her health and social condition.

LAPO Has Empowered Me - Glory Chigbu

An outstanding client of LAPO Microfinance Bank in Keffi, Nasarawa state, Mrs. Glory Chigbu was denied access to university education by her parents who considered money invested on the education of the girl-child a waste of family resources. She was also not equipped with life-transforming skills and was ignorant about the implication of son preference and societal discrimination against women and the girl-child until she started attending LAPO NGO gender justice and social development programme.