Mentoring Programme

The LAPO Mentoring programme is a veritable platform for building and strengthening the service delivery capacity of Civil Society Organizations under the scheme. Initiated in 2006, the mentoring programme includes training, technical support, donation of materials/equipment and internship. Over 30 organizations have benefitted from the mentoring programme from inception.

Rural Builders Organization (RBO) is one of the fledgling organizations that have benefitted from the LAPO mentoring programme. LAPO has built and strengthened the capacity of the organization to deliver microfinance services to rural dwellers. The Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Oshogwe, attributes the success of RBO in microfinance so far to the various capacity building programmes and other support received from LAPO over the years, including equipment donation. The organization had a faint knowledge about microfinance practice prior to joining the mentoring scheme in 2006 but currently has eight branches in Edo, Niger and Benue State.



LAPO School Quiz Competition

The LAPO Annual Secondary School Quiz Competition was initiated in 2006 to engender the intellectual development of secondary school students in Edo with extension to Delta State in 2015. This is in realization of fact that education is a potent instrument of economic empowerment and national development.

The involvement of LAPO in educational development was prompted by myriads of problems bisecting the sector. These include poor funding as manifested in inadequate classrooms, dearth of teaching aids (projectors, computers, laboratories and libraries), insufficient teachers and poor/polluted learning environment. Besides, our school system is plagued by numerous social vices such as examination malpractices, cultism, hooliganism and corruption.

The competition is organized annually in collaboration with the Edo and Delta States Ministry of Education with the following objectives: Enhance students' understanding of science subjects and current affairs, develop and inculcate discipline and excellence amongst secondary school students who are the future leaders of the nation and provide a common platform for teachers and students from various schools to exchange ideas and learning experiences,

Prizes include the LAPO Trophy, books, computer systems and science laboratory equipment.