LAPO Develops Leadership Skills of 36,052 Women

LAPO developed the leadership skills of 36,052women in August 2017 to enable them overcome socio-cultural and traditional inhibitions militating against their progress and the realization of their aspirations.

In a statement, the Executive Director, Sabina Idowu-Osehobo expressed concern that a lot of women are discriminated against, marginalized, and excluded from life transforming opportunities, stressing that women empowerment have always been an integral part of LAPO’s poverty reduction efforts.       

She said the organization was commitment to dismantling structures and processes that encourage discrimination, injustice and violence against women, adding that gender-based discrimination permeates all cultures, and often manifests in laws, policies, and practices of institutions.

Idowu-Osehobonoted that for more than two decades, LAPO has been in the forefront in bringing gender issues to wider attention, promoting legal and policy reforms and supporting projects that empower women economically.

She advised parents to avoid every form of discrimination against their female children, arguing that a child’s sex becomes irrelevant when equal opportunities for advancement both educationally and otherwise are made available to all.