Coping With Stress

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Stress can be defined as our reaction to the outside surroundings that gets influenced by our inner thoughts and feelings. It is not only what happens to us that disturbs us, but also what could have happened.

In today’s hectic world, stress is one of the things that people live with – day in and day out. It can lead to health disorders. It is beneficial if we learn how to reduce stress naturally so that other health problems do not overtake our lives. 

Helpful Tips

  • At Work: It is during the daytime that stress level mounts. You can engage in spiritual meditation, take a walk, a break from your work, drink some water or coffee, stretch or do anything for a while so that your mind gets diverted and hence relaxed. This is very important because stress results in tension, headache, back pain, lack of concentration and lack of productivity as well.
  • ExerciseWalk regularly for at least 20 minutes. This will change your body chemistry and calm down your nervous system as well as help reduce the stress level also. Doing activities that help you relax and at the same time exercises your body are very beneficial for overall health benefits.
  • Make Dietary ChangesA little bit of change in your diet and lifestyle will work wonders in reducing stress. Reduce sugar, caffeine, alcohol and simple carbohydrates from your diet and see your body going back to healthy balance.
  • Take Vitamins and Minerals as Supplements – Consult your doctor and take some dietary supplements that are good for your health. This will boost up your health and energy level and help you maintain a hale and hearty lifestyle. Some of the vitamins and minerals help you have a healthy nervous system as well as deplete the stress level.
  • Herbs – Various herbs like the Ginsengs, Valerian, Kava Kava and some herbal tea help in lessening the stress level.
  • Chat with Friends:Talking to your friends casually helps to reduce stress to greater extent. Discussing problems with your friends help to get relief from stress.
  • Listen to Music: Music is also one of the ways to de-stress your self. Listen to your favourite songs or soothing music to de-stress your self.

In addition to all these measures to reduce stress you can take help of homeopathic medicine as it is side effect free and is very helpful, effective and scientifically proven.

  • Deep Breathing: Deep breathing is an easiest way to de-stress yourself. You can use this technique anywhere and anytime. Just take few deep breaths and you are done.
  • Take a NapIf you feel extremely de-stressed, you should take a nap. Lie down on a mat, keep your palms open and legs stretched. Lie down in this position for couple of minutes to feel de-stressed.
  • Quick Head Massage: Give yourself a quick head massage by putting your fingers inside your hair and gently rubbing your scalp. Massage helps to improve blood circulation and as such helps to reduce stress. If you are at home, you can use oil for head massage to reduce stress as well as to get a good sleep.

These techniques help reduce your stress level and improve your productivity if practiced regularly.

Culled from India Parenting