Community Action for Social justice and Health (CASH)

The implementation of the Community Action for Social Justice and Health(CASH) project, commenced in 2007 in partnership with Oxfam Novib, Netherlands. The objectives of the project include preventing the transmission of common ailments in rural communities such as HIV/AIDS; improve the quality of life of persons living with HIV/AIDS; promote sexuality education in schools; promote access to safe water in rural communities; and reduce incidents of malaria in rural communities. The main goal was to promote healthy living among vulnerable groups. 

LAPO implemented the CASH project across Edo, Delta, Kogi and Lagos with 80% women, 20% men including youths as target. Activities include Community Health Discussions, distribution of Information, Enlightenment and Communication (IEC) materials to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and other health issues, formation of support groups for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) (with training on positive living and HIV/AIDS programming), economic empowerment services and treatment. The CASH project also promoted gender equity, social justice, sustainable livelihood and youth empowerment.

Basically, the CASH project promoted healthy living and improved the quality of life of vulnerable groups through enhanced health seeking behaviour, preventing the spread of HIV, HIV/AIDS impact mitigation; stigma reduction and securing the livelihoods of 100 households through the creation of 100 new jobs. The nutritional quality of 100 households in Edo and Nasarawa states was also improved through agricultural extension services and skills acquisition for youths.