20,202 Women Equipped With Social Development Skills

LAPO addresses the root causes and manifestations of poverty such as social exclusion, poor health, ignorance and gender inequity in target communities.

Between January and March 2019, the organization impacted the lives of 20,202 women with social development skills to enable them resist and confront obnoxious socio-cultural and traditional practices militating against their progress and the realization of their aspirations.

The Executive Director of the organisation, Sabina Idowu-Osehobo, in a statement, expressed concern that a lot of women were discriminated against in the society, marginalized and excluded from life-transforming opportunities, adding that sustainable development cannot be achieved without women inclusion.

She said LAPO is committed to the dismantling of structures and processes that encourage discrimination, injustice and violence against women, adding that gender-based discrimination permeates all cultures and often manifests in laws, policies, and practices of institutions.

Idowu-Osehobo contended that poverty is not just the lack of funds but more fundamentally an issue of social exclusion and lack of access to life-transforming opportunities, stressing that social empowerment has always been an integral part of LAPO’s poverty reduction strategy from the very beginning.

The Executive Director said LAPO, for more than two decades, has been in the forefront in bringing gender issues to wider attention, promoting legal and policy reforms and supporting projects that empower women economically.