The LAPO Annual Development Forum : Rationale

The LAPO Annual Development Forum : Rationale

The LAPO Annual Development Forum is an annual symposium that stimulates investigations into the nature and causes of poverty. The Forum provides a veritable platform for stakeholders to discuss and proffer pragmatic solutions to identified issues in poverty and development. Initiated in 1994 by the Founder of LAPO, Dr. Godwin Eseiwi Ehigiamusoe, the Forum has become a faculty of development in its own right.Over the years, the annual conferencing has stirredvibrant discourse on the development agenda in Nigeria and Africa with very realistic solutions canvassed by guest lecturers and conferees.

The theme of the first edition of the LAPO Annual Development Forum held in 1994 was “The Nigerian Economy and the Poor: 1984-1994”. Discussions and conclusions at this session reinforced our belief that sustainable approach to poverty alleviation must go beyond charity and directed at strengthening the income capacity of the poor. Subsequent editions of the Forum addressed pertinent issues.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR chaired as well as delivered the keynote speech at the 23rd edition of the LAPO Forum with the theme: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities..

Achievements of the LAPO ADF

  • The LAPO Annual Development Forum has over the years provided stakeholders the needed platform to interact and proffer realistic solutions to the crucial problem of poverty and under-development in Nigeria
  • Ideas generated from previous editions of the Forum have improved the programme focus and delivery methodology of development organizations including LAPO.
  • Key resolutions at previous editions of the LAPO Annual Development Forum have inputted into national poverty reduction programmes of various tiers of government