What We Do

LAPO improves the lives of women and vulnerable people across the country with her innovative social, health and economic empowerment programmes. Specifically, the organization addresses issues in poor health, nutrition, social exclusion, gender inequality, low self-esteem and governance through the implementation of the following programmes in target communities across the country. 

Social Development Programmes

  •  Community Dialogue Session
  •  International Women's Day
  •  Social Commodity Marketing
  •  Adult Literacy Programme
  •  Legal Aid/Sensitization
  •  Integration of Social Education and Microfinance programme for micro-finance client

Health Empowerment Services

  •  HIV/AIDS project
  •  Malaria and Tropical diseases
  •  Reproductive Health ( STIs, Maternal Health/family planning)
  •  Community health
  •  Maternal and Child health
  •  Malaria Control
  •  Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC)
  •  Integration of Health Education and Microfinance for Micro-credit clients

Enterprise Development

  •  Microcredit Support
  •  Social Product Marketing

Social Change Advocacy

  •  Advocacy and Networking
  •  Annual Development Forum
  •  Media and Publication
  •  Bridging-the-Gap (BTG) TV
  •  Lapo-in-Focus Radio Programme

Agriculture and Food Security

  •  Micro Credit Support
  •  Agricultural Extension Services
  •  Farm Enterprise Training
  •  Commodity marketing

Other Activities

  •  LAPO Annual Quiz Competition
  •  LAPO Mentoring Programme
  •  LAPO Scholarship Scheme