Disease Control: LAPO Screens 187,752 Persons

LAPO screened 187,752 women for common diseases including HIV, malaria, blood pressure (BP), blood sugar, hepatitis and diabetes in 2017 with 3,386 beneficiaries referred for treatment in government-approved hospitals.

LAPO Health Manager, Mr. Ayo Obadiora Honestus said the organization encourages early detection and managemement of health conditions in target communities, adding that pregnant and nursing mothers are sensitised during antenatal and child immunization clinic days in local health facilities and community meeting venues.

He said routine screening and health awareness by the organization has contributed significantly to a reduction in drug abuse among beneficiaries, especially in rural communities due to improved knowledge of the importance of proper diagnosis before drug administration.

She encouraged members of the public to undertake regular health status check towards promoting early detection and management of tropical diseases, noting that screening is a major component of LAPO health intervention strategy.