Care and Support for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Edo State

NECAIN - NELA Consortium on HIVAIDS (NECAIN) is a USAID-supported project being implemented by LAPO since 2008 to date, in partnership with NELA and CiSHAN North Central. The project targets PLHIV across the three senatorial districts (Edo South, Edo Central and Edo North) of Edo State for palliative care and support services. The LAPO/ NECAIN project aimed at facilitating easy access of PLHIV to palliative care; enhance linkages of PLHIV to comprehensive treatment and other support services; and reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination. Project activities include advocacy meetings and sensitization seminars with stakeholders, training of caregivers on HBC and provision of palliative care services for PLHIV, formation of support group, referral services for PLHIV to access treatment, skill acquisition/ microcredit and nutrition support. Through the project, PLHIV have access to HBC/ palliative care and support services through support to trained caregivers/ providers and enhanced linkages of PLHIV to treatment and other support centers. The project also contributed to the reduction of HIV-related stigma and discrimination among PLHIV and their families.