Capacity Building for Community Groups and Organisations for Malaria Control in Edo State

LAPO collaborated with ACOMIN (Association of Civil Society Organizations on Malaria in Nigeria) between 2010 and 2014 to build the capacity of member organizations on malaria control in Edo State, Nigeria.
The goal of the Global Fund Round 8 project was to reduce by 50%, the 2,000 malaria morbidity and mortality figures by 2013 as well as minimize the socio economic impact of the disease.


The objectives of the project include:

  •       To contribute to the rapid scale up of universal coverage of the population at risk of malaria in 2010 through 100% coverage and 80% use of Long Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets(LLINs) and sustaining this through 2013;
  •       To contribute to increasing prompt and effective treatment of malaria using Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy(ACTs) by 80% of the population at risk by 2011 and sustain it through 2013
  •       To scale up parasitological diagnosis of malaria in patients above five at health facilities to 80% by 2013
  •       To reach at least 80% of the population at risk (communities, families, care providers and health workers) by 2010 through for awareness creation and appropriate action on malaria prevention and treatment, and sustain this through 2013
  •       To contribute to health systems strengthening (including community systems strengthening through malaria control activities.

Between 2010 and 2011, LAPO organized seven training sessions for over 300 target persons including Local Government Primary Health Care coordinators and nursing personnel, local and state malaria control officers, community health workers, youth, NGO/CBO members, young/pregnant women and mothers of under-5 children. The training was intended to develop their capacity for delivery malaria control programme aimed at achieving the objectives of the Global Fund malaria project. 

The training specifically built their capacity to:

  •       Carry out Social Mobilization targeted at increasing community demand and use of malaria prevention and treatment products and services in target states
  •       Make use of relevant community mobilization channels to expand demand, uptake and use of appropriate malaria prevention  and treatment products as well as deepen community information resources;
  •       Promote better and more informed community ownership of their health status, through the enhancement of community-driven strategies for uptake and usage of all health supporting services; and
  •       Promote partnership and linkages for communities-level sustainability.

In 2012, LAPO organized capacity development training on community mobilization for malaria control for selected Civil Society organizations (CSOs) in Edo State. The training focused on strategic use of community drama for promoting awareness on malaria prevention, importance of diagnosis before treatment, use of treated bed net and appropriate drugs for malaria treatment, which is Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACTs).
From 2012, LAPO was engaged by ACOMIN/SFH to carry out community mobilization using community drama and Interpersonal Communication (IPC) in many rural communities in Edo Central Senatorial District.