LAPO Annual Development Forum 2018



Nigeria is currently facing enormous challenges in nearly all facets of development including economy, politics, health, education, and infrastructure. With the obvious failure by successive governments to address hydra-headed issues militating against the country’s socio-economic transformation and overall development due to crass ineptitude and brazen corruption, Non-State Actors (NSAs) are expected to fill the vast development gap. The optimism derives from a general sense of NSAs “doing good,” unencumbered and untainted by the politics of government and the greed of market forces.

Indeed NSAs are key institutional engines of socio-economic transformation and inevitable partners of government in facilitating development. They bridge the gap between government and the people and are better placed to articulate the needs of the poor, provide services and development in remote areas, encourage changes in attitudes and practices necessary to curtail discrimination, identify and redress threats to the environment and nurture the productive capacity of the most vulnerable groups. This is particularly so in the context of the Cotonou Agreement which broadens civil society partnership with the state to include the private sector; economic and social partners (including trade union organisations); and other categories of actors under the broad umbrella of non-state actors.

NSAs must be able to address developmental challenges in Nigeria in partnership with government and the private sector. They must be able to engage in strategic partnerships that link local and global processes together towards achieving the much desired sustainable socio-economic transformation of Nigeria.


THEME: Towards Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation of Nigeria: Options for Non-State Intervention.
DATE:    24th August, 2018.
VENUE: Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos State.
REGISTRATION: 8:00am prompt.


This year, Former Petroleum Minister, Chief Philip Asiodu will chair the occasion while Mike Obadan, a renowned Professor of  Economics at the University of Benin and a Non-Executive Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria will deliver the keynote paper. Over three hundred (300) personalities are expected at the Forum. They are drawn from Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, International Development Agencies, the academia, financial sector, the Civil Society and the media.


The main objectives of the 25th Annual LAPO Development Forum are:

  • To assess the extant role of Non-State Actors (NSAs) in national development.
  • To examine the effectiveness of NSAs in engendering the socio-economic advancement of Nigeria.
  • Provide opportunity for government, the private sector and Non-State Actors (NSAs) to deliberate on strategies to address Nigeria’s developmental challenges.
  • To identify the way forward for NSAs in achieving sustainable economic growth and development of Nigeria.


  • A well documented and publicized report containing presentations, discussions, major conclusions and recommendations capable of stimulating sustainable socio-economic transformation in Nigeria.  
  • Implementation of existing policies capable of driving Nigeria’s economic growth and development.  


  • Government officials and Agencies
  • Local and International Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Policy Makers and Regulatory Agencies
  • Domestic and international donor & funding agencies
  • Development Banks and Multinational corporations
  • Trade Groups and Professional Associations
  • International and regional inter-governmental organisations
  • Multi-lateral and bi-lateral Organisations
  • Commercial, Microfinance Banks and Institutions
  • Foreign missions in Nigeria
  • The Academia.